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How to Opt-Out of Facebook's Instant Personalization

How to Opt-Out of Facebook's Instant Personalization - You are automatically enrolled in Facebook's "open graph." Take these steps to opt out. With our public information all over the internet, the last thing you would want is to your private information flowing around. Many clients receive emails and/or links from friends of their friends and ended up with computer virus infection. Facebook has its value to join families and friends and meet new friends.  Find out more . . .

Facebook knows more about you than you want when you take its quizzes

What Facebook Quizzes Know About You?  - With each question . . .Quiz, you're not only told what information a quiz author can see ...- you're shown. For example, after answering the first question, you learn that almost everything on your profile, even if you use privacy setting to limit access, is available to the quiz.  Find out more . . .

Cyberwar: Real Virus Warning . . . Fake Antivirus Download . . .

Cyberwar: Defying Experts, Rogue Computer Code Still Lurks - A rogue program, known as Conficker, has confounded the efforts of security experts to trace its origins and purpose.

 Find out more . . .

Bypassing Windows with a Quick Boot

Bypassing Windows with a Quick Boot - Presto loads a Web browser and other software in seconds.  Find out more . . .

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